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FCS Bike Rack Seat Mount

FCS Bike Rack Seat Mount

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Transport your board to the beach practically and sustainably.


Introducing our versatile seat post mount for the ultimate board transport solution. With adjustable brackets and quick-release arms, this rack is built for convenience. Locking clips ensure your straps stay secure, while thick foam protection and wide elastic bands safeguard your boards and rails. Whether you're cruising or commuting, our toolless adjustable design offers a hassle-free experience.


  • Seat post mount adjustable for various seat pole sizes
  • Toolless adjustable brackets and quick-release arms for when racks are not in use
  • Locking clips to stop the unwanted release of straps
  • Thick foam to protect boards
  • Wide elastic for secure holding of boards and not damaging the rails. Adjustable length to suit various board widths.
  • Toolless fully adjustable lower arms


*Always ride within your abilities. Be aware of the extra width when riding with board and racks attached. Use more caution on windy days and always obey the road rules. Wear a helmet, it's the only head you have.

The manufacturer and seller assume no responsibility or liability of any nature for any injury caused by this product to any person or persons or property of buyer, user or other persons.

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