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Vans Ultrarange Neo VR3 Shoes

Vans Ultrarange Neo VR3 Shoes

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The UltraRange VR3 Will Get You There—with Purposeful Materials

Meet the UltraRange VR3, an adventure-inspired favorite that has been re-thought, re-engineered, and rebuilt with sustainability in mind. This includes a lightweight construction, a molded midsole, a rubber outsole, and a breathable upper. The UltraRange VR3 is the manifestation of an idea: that it is not where we are going, but how we get there.

Our team has set ambitious sustainability goals. Big or small, all of our efforts add up to positive change. To earn the Checkerboard globe logo, at least 30% of the product must be made up of one or a combination of recycled, renewable, and/or regenerative materials.

  • UPPER MATERIAL: The one piece knit upper is made with 50% organic cotton, 34% polyester, 14% recycled hot melt, and 2% spandex.

  • MIDSOLE: The new midsole is made using at least 50% biobased EVA foam partially derived from plant-based sources per the ASTM D6866-16 testing standard.

  • OUTSOLE: All of the rubber used to make this outsole (60% of the compound) is regeneratively grown natural rubber sourced from farms utilizing agricultural practices that are intended to promote biodiversity, enhance water cycles, improve soil health and/or sequester carbon. This natural rubber compound was developed and engineered to maintain the grip and durability Vans is known for (since 66).

To learn more about Vans and their journey to sustainable materials, please go to

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