Test Drive Season 2 - Sharp Eye "Modern 2"

Test Drive Season 2 - Sharp Eye "Modern 2"

For this episode of Test Drive (Season 2) Summer edition, we continue the series with a newer/refined small wave model from Sharp Eye Surfboards, the "Modern 2". The "Modern 2" features an outline reminiscent of an 80's fish with a fusion of modern performance elements. The Modern 2 is small wave model that should become a go to summer board for those small/mushy days when you want to maximize speed and fun without comprising on performance.

Watch Garrett put the "Modern 2" to the test in choppy mixed up, small yet fun conditions. The Sharp Eye "Modern 2" is sure to be a summer classic. For more information on the "Modern 2" and how to order one please send us an email at testdrivesunrise@gmail.com

Note: Surfer/Reviewer is 5'10 and weighs 160 lbs.


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