Space Coast BR takes home the dub in the first annual FL Boardriders Cup!

For those that didn't know already, there's something new and special brewing in the Florida surf world. It's the Florida Board Riders. Started by yours truly, Dane Jeffreys, the Florida Boardriders is Florida's ONLY surf club that's devoted to unifying the community while still competing within the Florida Boardriders against different area-based teams, i.e. St Augustine Boardriders, Jacksonville Beach Boardriders, etc. The idea is basded upon existing surf clubs in California and Australia that have thrived for decades.

This past weekend, the first annual Florida Boardriders cup was held down in South Florida where the different teams battled it out for first place. Familiar names such as CJ Hobgood, Gabe Kling and Asher Nolan are some of many that may come to mind. Check out the full recap on FL BR website here:

More pics and video attached :) Keep ripping! Photos: Dylan Flemming, Asher Nolan


February 05, 2021 — Sunrise Dirbos Admin