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Sunrise Surf Shop has been supporting Northeast Florida’s surf and skate scene since 1975. Owned and operated by surfers Sunrise is an avid sponsor of local up-and-coming talents. We have never lost sight of what’s most important… the local community of surfers, skaters, family and friends. This philosophy is what’s kept Sunrise Surf Shop labeled as Northeast Florida’s favorite surf shop.

Sunrise is your one stop shop in Jax beach. We carry a great selection of men’s and women’s clothing from RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, Lost, Volcom, Element, Brixton, Roark, Quiksilver, Strata, Captain Fin and many others. We have a huge selection of sunglasses, watches and other accessories. Sunrise also has you covered for anything you need related to surfing or skate so come by the shop and talk to one of our experienced staff today.

Blake Kantack gets a little shade in Nicaragua
Sunrise grom team rider Blake Kantack just did a little stint in Nicaragua with veteran Rise rider
Evan Thompson. Evan has been coaching a bunch of the Jax beach youth through his new surf school (Thompson Surf School if you want to look it up) and just recently took a small crew down to Central America for a lesson in getting tubes. Looks like it was a successful strike for the boys, awesome to see Blake progressing so much.

Blake Kantack Central America from Blake Kantack on Vimeo.

We Are Blood trailer
World renowned film maker Ty Evans, you know, Fully Flared and Pretty Sweet, 2 of the most incredible skate films of all time Ty Evans? He is coming out with what appears to be something like his magnum opus. Looks like he pulled out all the tricks as far as high tech camera gear, insane angles and connecting with the worlds best at the worlds best spots. Not to mention he teamed up with Brain Farm and if you don’t know how gnarly they are go watch Travis Rice’s movie. If you love skateboarding like i do this trailer will send chills down your spine, we will have it for sale in August 15′

…LOST’s new Short Round model, on the way!!
Lost surfboards have a few new models coming out this year, and ones that will work very good for our types of conditions. I mentioned the Puddle Jumper a few posts below (we have a 5’8 and 5’10 on the way) and now i am going to introduce you to the Short Round. I saw this board about a month ago and i must say it isn’t the slickest looking thing. Kind of stumpy and fat in the front but pulled in towards the back. Its a groveler style board that supposedly surfs very high performance so once again, a great board for our conditions. Here’s a little clip of one of ..Lost’s employees shredding the Short Round. We should have a few of these in stock next week, the sizes on the way right now are 5’7, 5’8 and 5’10 but we will get other sizes as we get closer to summer.

The SHORT ROUND from Lost Enterprises on Vimeo.

Fred Rubble, an oldie but goodie!
This is an older clip from Channel Islands featuring their Fred Rubble model. I just ordered my fourth or fifth Rubble yesterday and I have to say it is one of the best shortboard models i have ever ridden. It gets a lot of attention as a small wave shortboard but in my opinion it is also one of the best boards in good waves as well (as Conner Coffins performance at overhead Rincon displays in this clip) Yes CI has come out with multiple new models since this boards release, and even variation models off it, the Fred Stubble, but like the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Come get your custom Fred Rubble on order, all CI custom surfboard orders now take only 6-8 weeks to receive

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Surfboards from Sharp Eye, Channel Islands, Lost,  JS,  Firewire, Surf Prescriptions, Cannibal, Orion,  Rozo, Ricky Carroll, Mystic, Stewart, (We also provide the ability to get a custom board from any company we carry.) We have a  huge selection of surf accessories from all the best companies and can special order anything you need. Sunrise also stocks men’s and women’s wetsuits in all sizes from kids 4 to 3XL from Xcel, Oneill, Billabong, and Rip Curl.

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Lost Sub Driver
New Flyer
Taj Burrow Beach Buggy
Channel Islands – DFR

Sunrise also has a vast selection of long skateboards from Sector 9, Carver, Loaded, Penny and popsicle shapes from Girl, Real, Anti-Hero,  Element, Habitat, Cliche, Creature, Toy Machine, DGK, Expedition, Welcome, Baker, Plan-B, Chocolate, Enjoi, Magenta, Poler and many others. We stock all the best wheels and accessories from DLX and Skate One among others. Come have one of our experienced staff members get you hooked up with a new set up.

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