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Sunrise Surf Shop has been supporting Northeast Florida’s surf and skate scene since 1975. Owned and operated by surfers Sunrise is an avid sponsor of local up-and-coming talents. We have never lost sight of what’s most important… the local community of surfers, skaters, family and friends. This philosophy is what’s kept Sunrise Surf Shop labeled as Northeast Florida’s favorite surf shop.

Sunrise is your one stop shop in Jax beach. We carry a great selection of men’s and women’s clothing from RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, Lost, Volcom, Element, Brixton, Roark, Quiksilver, Strata, Captain Fin and many others. We have a huge selection of sunglasses, watches and other accessories. Sunrise also has you covered for anything you need related to surfing or skate so come by the shop and talk to one of our experienced staff today.

Spitfire “Formula Four” wheel review
We linked up with Sunrise Skate Team rider Marshall LaFrance to try out Spitfire’s famous Formula Four wheel in a variety of conditions. From smooth skatepark concrete and transition to rough/gritty D.I.Y spots the Formula Four did not disappoint. Check out Marshall’s thoughts on the wheels then come grab a pair at the shop to try yourself!

Spitfire Formula Four Wheel Test from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

“On the Spot” with Tristan Thompson
For the fourth episode of “On the Spot” we sat down with Tristan Thompson, the youngest of the Thompson brothers to discuss his influences in surfing, Kelly Slater’s wave pool, growing up in North East Florida, and the role that fitness plays in his life. Of course we had to mix in some highlights from the recent runs of swell he has enjoyed here at home.

"On the Spot" – Tristan Thompson from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Converse CONS “One Star Pro” wear test
This month we have teamed up with Converse Cons to test the new and improved “One Star Pro” skate shoe with shop team rider Damon Francisco. We felt that Damon was the perfect test pilot, as he is a well rounded skateboarder who loves all terrain. Watch Damon discuss the shoe’s overall features and then put the One Star Pro to the test at Atlantic Beach Skate park!

Test Drive Episode 5
This episode of Test Drive we are giving the new Taj Burrow Baby Buggy a spin! This is a condensed version of Lost’s popular shape the Beach Buggy and it is a board that seems to be very well suited for our conditions. We had little nor’easter leftover conditions so we headed to the Mayport poles to give the Baby Buggy a go. Enjoy the clip and come talk to somebody at the shop to find out what size would work for you.

Test Drive Episode #5 – Lost "Baby Buggy" from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

3rd Annual Battle of The Brands
Sunrise held its 3rd annual Battle of The Brands event this past weekend at the Jacksonville Beach pier. The Battle is an opportunity to celebrate the companies we carry by inviting them out for a day of good times and surfing, the winning team leaving $1,000 richer. This year we also teamed up with the Wounded Warriors Project to run our event in conjunction with their national finals. Watch the video below for the days highlights!

Sunrise "Battle of the Brands" 2015 from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Lakai Owen shoe model, Ronnie Sandoval, ender completely nuts
Sunrise stocks multiple colorways of the Lakai Owen slip on and if your a fan of skating in slip on’s then this is the shoe for you. Here’s a link of Ronnie putting some Owen’s through the ringer, the whole clip is ridiculous honestly but the ender is downright stupid. This guy kills it

“On The Spot” Episode 3 featuring Luke Hoey
This episode features longtime Sunrise team rider Luke Hoey dodging the rainy weather we have been plagued with lately. Luckily for Luke our filmer/media guy/all around rad dude Ryan King had a spot in mind with some shelter. Shout out too George at Instaramp for the session and keep an eye on Luke everybody, the kid has a lot of talent, a great attitude and a ton of style.

"On the Spot" Profile #3 – Luke Hoey from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Test Drive Episode 4
For this months Test Drive we try out Sharp Eyes latest model in the Disco family the “Disco Tech”. The main difference between the original model and the Tech version is the double wing, square swallow. Quite different from the Disco’s original squash tail and as we see it changes up the feel of the board. With some fun drifty surf we hit Jacksonville beach pier and then head up the road for a little shelter from the wind. Disco Tech models will be arriving in the shop in the next few weeks.

"Test Drive" Episode #4 – Sharpeye "Disco Tech" from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

“On The Spot” Episode 2 featuring Blake Kantack
This month we are featuring one of the nicest, most humble kids I have come across in my thirty something years on this planet. Blake Kantack has been surfing for Sunrise for awhile now and even started pulling shifts in the shop this summer. He is smart, respectful, he listens when being spoken to and he doesn’t haggle people in the water, all very mature traits for a 15 year old kid. We have watched his surfing progress drastically in the last year or so and we are proud to have him as part of the Sunrise family permanently.

"On the Spot" Profile #2 – Blake Kantack from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Not Florida starring Kelton Beardall
Sunrise team rider Kelton Beardall just released a new clip from his trip to California this summer. Kelton has been killing it lately and this edit shows his little trip out there helped even more. The footage is a little shaky sometimes but the surfing is insane and the song choice is spot on. Good work Kelton, keep it up!!

not florida from kelton beardall on Vimeo.

“On The Spot” episode 1 featuring Andrew Weinstein
We are excited to roll out a new team profile called Sunrise “On the Spot”. “On the Spot” will highlight the brief story and need to know information of some of our team riders, while putting them on the spot to film a short web clip of them shredding their local spots. Our first team rider to be featured is local skater Andrew Weinstein. Andrew is one of Sunrise’s new additions and we are stoked to have him represent the shop because he is a rad dude who kills it on and off the board. It must be mentioned that Andrew skates 12 miles to hit up his favorite park (D-Cove) multiple times a week, if that’s not dedication i don’t know what it is.

Sunrise "On the Spot" Team Profile – Andrew Weinstein from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Test Drive Episode 3
We are really excited to introduce the Firewire EVO in this months Test Drive episode. The EVO is one of Tomo’s latest modern planing hulls and it is meant to be ridden a lot shorter then what most people are used to. Watch Garrett put the EVO through the paces out at the Jacksonville pier then head into the shop and check one out for yourself!

Test Drive Episode #3- Firewire "Evo" from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Mick Fanning attacked by shark during J-Bay final!
I think i’m still somewhat in shock from what i watched live this morning on the World Surf Leagues webcast of the J-Bay event. Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark within the first few minutes of the heat, it really feels somewhat surreal even typing that right now over 8 hours later? There was a lot of splashing, Mick got tossed around, Julian paddled towards a shark hoping to stab it, Martin Potter cussed on live internet, it was quite a fantastical ordeal i must say and it will go down in history as one of the greatest moments in contest history. Props to Julian for rushing to help a friend, props to Mick Fanning for being such a badass that he fought of the shark and kept his cool and props to the WSL commentary team for expediting it to us so quickly in such an organized way. I’m really glad both guys came out unscathed and that everybody is ok. Check out the 7 minute video showing the whole scene below!!

Test Drive: Episode 2
For episode number 2 of “Test Drive”, we take an inside look at what makes Channel Island’s Fred Stubble such a functional/go to small wave performance board. From volume and outline to bottom contours, we discuss the possibilities of the Stubble and then put it to the ultimate test in some small, mushy, summer waves. Stay tuned for Episode 3 coming up next month.

Sunrise "Test Drive" Episode 2 – "Fred Stubble" from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Go Skateboarding Day 2015
Sunrise spent GSD 15′ hitting up some legendary local spots on the way downtown for the official festivities. We dragged along some of our up and coming team riders along with a bunch of the homies and had a great time. There was tons of shredding going down and some prizes being thrown out thanks to NHS, Crailtap, Lakai and especially Skate One who came through huge with a few sets of BONES STF’s and some super Red’s! GSD is a great day for anyone who likes to push around a skateboard, it really showcases the unity and bond that skateboarders share. Enjoy the video!

Sunrise Go Skateboarding Day 2015 from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Test Drive Episode 1
Welcome to Test Drive, this is going to be an ongoing series that we do highlighting the different types of surfboards we carry here at Sunrise. We are going to talk about the boards in the shop, then actually take them out and ride them, then follow up with a post surf review on how the board worked. Episode 1 we are going to start out with one of our most popular boards, the Disco Inferno from Sharp Eye.

Sunrise "Test Drive" Board Review – Episode 1 from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Wave master’s scores a fun day of surf for the finals!
Evan Thompson, aka the surgeon because he is becoming known for knife like precision when donning a jersey, took down another final in NE Florida. The Wave master’s event scored some really rippable surf on Sunday and 3 out of the 4 finalists in the Pro division were Sunrise team riders. Hobie Sears and Justin Quintal joined Evan in the final to put on quite a show for the crowd. Luckily for us our media guy got there just in time to catch the best rides of the final, and congrats to everybody else who participated in this years event and made the finals!

2015 Wavemasters Pro Highlights from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

8th Annual Matt “Rasta” Grey Memorial event coverage!
There are certain points in peoples life that can be very profound and defining. Years ago Dane Jeffery’s had one of those moments when he lost one of his best friends, Matt Grey, to a tragic accident and decided to do something in his memory. “Matt did so much for the local skate and surf community and truly cared about the future of that scene and what it stood for. He was an integral part of making the AB skatepark happen”. Well 8 years into running the event and Dane, along with a few other close friends, have managed to truly build something up that Matt would be very proud of. Not only do they run a great event but they also raise thousands of dollars each year that they donate to local kids for college scholarships. “A large tornado filled thunderstorm threatened the area but Matt’s good energy was shining down upon us and we finished the event right before the storm blasted the contest area”. Looks like Matt is still watching out for the local groms from above. Cheers to Dane and his crew of family and friends for putting on yet another amazing event. Watch the video below to see all the highlights. In my opinion it’s by far the most exciting skate event of the year.

8th Annual Matt "Rasta" Gray Memorial from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Highlights from Bowlriders 2015!

Kona skatepark held their annual bowlriders event this past weekend and we sent our media guy out there for a couple hours to get some clips. Luckily he timed it pretty good and was there for the pro/am finals. Usually team Sunrise would have been all over the screen considering we have quite a few bowl/tranny specialists on the squad but the boys were all focused on celebrating team rider Pat Browns b-day at an undisclosed lakeside location somewhere in the state. We do have team rider Vinny Sandoval with a nice little miller flip at the beginning and we must mention Conner Lerian placed 3rd in his division! Congrats Conner. Although the Sunrise crew isn’t in full effect through this video we have some ripping with Nick Peterson, Dalton Dern, Kevin Kowalski and event winner/ Creature lunatic, Chris Russel.

2015 Florida Bowl Riders Highlight from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

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