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Sunrise Surf Shop has been supporting Northeast Florida’s surf and skate scene since 1975. Owned and operated by surfers Sunrise is an avid sponsor of local up-and-coming talents. We have never lost sight of what’s most important… the local community of surfers, skaters, family and friends. This philosophy is what’s kept Sunrise Surf Shop labeled as Northeast Florida’s favorite surf shop.

Sunrise is your one stop shop in Jax beach. We carry a great selection of men’s and women’s clothing from RVCA, Hurley, Billabong, Lost, Volcom, Element, Brixton, Roark, Quiksilver, Strata, Captain Fin and many others. We have a huge selection of sunglasses, watches and other accessories. Sunrise also has you covered for anything you need related to surfing or skate so come by the shop and talk to one of our experienced staff today.
Test Drive: Episode 2
For episode number 2 of “Test Drive”, we take an inside look at what makes Channel Island’s Fred Stubble such a functional/go to small wave performance board. From volume and outline to bottom contours, we discuss the possibilities of the Stubble and then put it to the ultimate test in some small, mushy, summer waves. Stay tuned for Episode 3 coming up next month.

Sunrise "Test Drive" Episode 2 – "Fred Stubble" from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Go Skateboarding Day 2015
Sunrise spent GSD 15′ hitting up some legendary local spots on the way downtown for the official festivities. We dragged along some of our up and coming team riders along with a bunch of the homies and had a great time. There was tons of shredding going down and some prizes being thrown out thanks to NHS, Crailtap, Lakai and especially Skate One who came through huge with a few sets of BONES STF’s and some super Red’s! GSD is a great day for anyone who likes to push around a skateboard, it really showcases the unity and bond that skateboarders share. Enjoy the video!

Sunrise Go Skateboarding Day 2015 from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Mason Silva welcome to ELEMENT
Start Go Skateboarding Day weekend off strong by getting hyped on this Element clip of new am Mason Silva. I had heard the name before but have to admit i didn’t really see much footage of this kid. Well i have a feeling that will change soon, this dude is a certified beast with massive pop and as you will see in this clip he uses said pop to get up on some huge rails. Silva has no fear and anybody who is sleeping on Element and thinks they aren’t legit again, time to wake up. At this moment i am claiming Element has one of, if not the best, teams on the planet. Too many names to list, go to Elements site and look for yourself if you doubt it.

Three East coast legends charge huge Mex
Actually I should be saying 2 1/2 legends, I would consider Brett Barley more of a legend in training. Pete Mendia and Cory Lopez though, hands down two of the best surfers to ever hail from this side of the country. Both are beyond adequate when it comes to barrel riding and massive amounts of water displacement. The clip below is from a recent swell in Puerto Escondido and a lot of the barrels featured in it are downright scary. Cheers to these 3 guys for continuing to show the world that east coasters aren’t scared!

Test Drive Episode 1
Welcome to Test Drive, this is going to be an ongoing series that we do highlighting the different types of surfboards we carry here at Sunrise. We are going to talk about the boards in the shop, then actually take them out and ride them, then follow up with a post surf review on how the board worked. Episode 1 we are going to start out with one of our most popular boards, the Disco Inferno from Sharp Eye.

Sunrise "Test Drive" Board Review – Episode 1 from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Wave master’s scores a fun day of surf for the finals!
Evan Thompson, aka the surgeon because he is becoming known for knife like precision when donning a jersey, took down another final in NE Florida. The Wave master’s event scored some really rippable surf on Sunday and 3 out of the 4 finalists in the Pro division were Sunrise team riders. Hobie Sears and Justin Quintal joined Evan in the final to put on quite a show for the crowd. Luckily for us our media guy got there just in time to catch the best rides of the final, and congrats to everybody else who participated in this years event and made the finals!

2015 Wavemasters Pro Highlights from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

8th Annual Matt “Rasta” Grey Memorial event coverage!
There are certain points in peoples life that can be very profound and defining. Years ago Dane Jeffery’s had one of those moments when he lost one of his best friends, Matt Grey, to a tragic accident and decided to do something in his memory. “Matt did so much for the local skate and surf community and truly cared about the future of that scene and what it stood for. He was an integral part of making the AB skatepark happen”. Well 8 years into running the event and Dane, along with a few other close friends, have managed to truly build something up that Matt would be very proud of. Not only do they run a great event but they also raise thousands of dollars each year that they donate to local kids for college scholarships. “A large tornado filled thunderstorm threatened the area but Matt’s good energy was shining down upon us and we finished the event right before the storm blasted the contest area”. Looks like Matt is still watching out for the local groms from above. Cheers to Dane and his crew of family and friends for putting on yet another amazing event. Watch the video below to see all the highlights. In my opinion it’s by far the most exciting skate event of the year.

8th Annual Matt "Rasta" Gray Memorial from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Cody Thompson gets intimate with some Kombu and Wakame

Sunrise team rider Cody Thompson just did a little stint in Barbados and was suprised to find the beaches there covered with thick brown seaweed. We aren’t talking a little seaweed getting caught up in the legrope we are talking 5-6 ft stacks of this stuff littering the beach! I get itchy just thinking about all that stinky, scratchy sea grass rubbing against my body every duck dive, uggh.. Apparently it didn’t effect Cody and his ability to throw a nasty frontside hack along with some good tail drifts. I spent Christmas through New Years in Barbados a long time ago, seems like another lifetime actually, and i must say it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Always ride-able with really good people and really good rum.

It's Tropical: Barbados from Carl Rosen on Vimeo.

Highlights from Bowlriders 2015!

Kona skatepark held their annual bowlriders event this past weekend and we sent our media guy out there for a couple hours to get some clips. Luckily he timed it pretty good and was there for the pro/am finals. Usually team Sunrise would have been all over the screen considering we have quite a few bowl/tranny specialists on the squad but the boys were all focused on celebrating team rider Pat Browns b-day at an undisclosed lakeside location somewhere in the state. We do have team rider Vinny Sandoval with a nice little miller flip at the beginning and we must mention Conner Lerian placed 3rd in his division! Congrats Conner. Although the Sunrise crew isn’t in full effect through this video we have some ripping with Nick Peterson, Dalton Dern, Kevin Kowalski and event winner/ Creature lunatic, Chris Russel.

2015 Florida Bowl Riders Highlight from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

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Surfboards from Sharp Eye, Channel Islands, Lost,  JS,  Firewire, Surf Prescriptions, Cannibal, Orion,  Rozo, Ricky Carroll, Mystic, Stewart, (We also provide the ability to get a custom board from any company we carry.) We have a  huge selection of surf accessories from all the best companies and can special order anything you need. Sunrise also stocks men’s and women’s wetsuits in all sizes from kids 4 to 3XL from Xcel, Oneill, Billabong, and Rip Curl.

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Sunrise also has a vast selection of long skateboards from Sector 9, Carver, Loaded, Penny and popsicle shapes from Girl, Real, Anti-Hero,  Element, Habitat, Cliche, Creature, Toy Machine, DGK, Expedition, Welcome, Baker, Plan-B, Chocolate, Enjoi, Magenta, Poler and many others. We stock all the best wheels and accessories from DLX and Skate One among others. Come have one of our experienced staff members get you hooked up with a new set up.

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