March 3, 2013

Express yourself bro/ Quiksilver Pro

They held the expression session of the Quiksilver Pro yesterday and although it didn’t look much like the Snapper everybody’s used to watching, it was pretty damn entertaining to watch and it got me even more amped for the start of the event which will hopefully commence tonight. JJF, Slater, Julian and a few others broke out there new, extra tweaked, crooked out turns and tail blows that they have all been perfecting in the off season. Can you imagine, NFL dudes train and bulk up in the off season, these guys just surf and surf and then surf perfect waves some more. Tough life i guess. Anyways back to the video clip below, I had Filipe Toledo on my fantasy surfer team and just traded him out yesterday, the first thing i did after watching this - and then brushing my teeth- was putting Filipe back on my team. Anybody out there playing fantasy, especially anyone in our club, bring it on!! I’m gonna crush it this year’ haha









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