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September 12, 2013

The Rise Volume I

March 1, 2013

Ryan Briggs in PR/ …lost tv

Sunrise team rider Ryan Briggs has a new video clip of himself in Puerto Rico. It was filmed recently, i mean really recently, and its smattered with Briggsy’s trademark smooth style and a lot of nice rail work. I must say his surfing is looking mature lately and he’s clearly getting his custom Mayhem sleds dialed in, not to mention he’s moving a lot of water for a dude with such skinny legs! Good song, great edit and sunny PR, whats not to like? I’m curious exactly which …lost models he is riding in this clip so i will find out and let everybody know. I’m guessing a Driver or an F-1 or maybe even a Sub driver?

February 13, 2013

Cody wins the #ripcurlpro puerto Rico

Team rider Cody Thompson just won the WQS 4 star event in Puerto Rico. The biggest win in Cody’s young career will really help his bank account and his points on the WQS. Cody brought home a 15,000 dollar check for the win and 1,000 dollar check for the best maneuver!!! Good job Cody and all our team riders that ripped it up down in PR.. First round is on Cody when he gets back ; )



December 11, 2012

Josh “Birdman” Hansbrough

When he is not traveling the world videoing amazing surf and documentaries, Josh is at home in Jax Beach taking care of his garden and working with the awesome crew at www.drawinglinesmedia.com . We caught up with Birdman and asked him some questions he answered back with some hilarious answers.

Name: Josh Hansbrough

Nicknames: Birdman, Haunz, J5

Hometown: Jax Beach Florida

Favorite Sunglass: whatever Electrics that Danejah is wearing

Sponsors: my mom, Sunrise Surf Shop, Whisnant Surfboards

Best trick: carves and cheater fives

Sounds/music: Led Zeppelin, Common, Ed Sharpe, anything groovey

Influences: Parko and Jordy

What stokes you about your sport: huge airs, big barrels, deep breathe of salt air

Favorite athlete outside your sport: Felix Baumgartner

Claim to fame: I eat dessert first so I don’t spoil my dinner. I do long floaters too.

Words of wisdom: “Happiness is always an inside job”

What would you be doing if you werent surfing: bodysurfing

Future Plans: get barreled, make cool movies, and spread the love

Shout outs: I don’t usually shout, but when I do it’s a “Yewww” or a “Brrrrr.”

December 2, 2012

Adam “The Hoss” McGill

Name: Adam McGill

Nicknames: Hoss

Hometown:Jacksonville Beach

Sponsors: Sunrise, Ohana Hawaiian Shave Ice

Best trick: Power Hack

Sounds/music:  What Ever Sounds Good

Influences: My Dad, Slater,Occy,Hobgoods,God

What stokes you about your sport: Every sessions different, You Rely On Nobody But Yourself

Claim to fame: Double Page Spread Surfing Magazine

Words of wisdom: Only A surfer Knows The Feeling

Future Plans: Work Hard,Surf Hard

Shout outs:All My Friends And Family

November 15, 2012

Introducing Evan Thompson

Name: Evan Thompson

Nicknames: Evana

Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, Fl

Sponsors: Fox, Sharp Eye Surfboards, Sunrise Surf Shop, On A Mission, DNA Energy, and Electric.

Best trick: air revo

What stokes you about your sport: Being in the ocean

Claim to fame: NSSA Open Mens East Coast Champ

Words of wisdom: YOLO

What would you be doing if you werent surfing: going to school

Future Plans:  surfing every day

Shout outs: My family, all my friends, sponsors, Dan Brooks for helping me out throughout my career and anyone who has been supportive. Thank You!

Desolate Searching from Thomas Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

September 20, 2012

Sophie Falzone

Sunrise Surf Team Sophie Falzone

DOB: 10/28/1999 | Favorite Surfer: Lakey Peterson | Website: www.sophiefalzone.com
Sponsors: Sunrise Surf Shop, Arnette, Whisnant Surfboards, Freestyle, Zinka, Xtrak, Go Pro, Pilot

Sophie has been ripping up Jax beach since the age of 4, She is an accomplished competitive surfer with more then 20 contest wins, and actively surfs in the ESA and NSSA with goals of making the USA Surf Team and winning National Titles in the future. She loves to Skate and Snowboard as well.