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April 18, 2014

7th Annual Matt Rasta Gray Memorial

Queens winnersNoah DovinNick GroshellQueens surf winners Trevor Brice Frontside Air


The Matt Gray Memorial is a celebration of life and community love. The event is the only one of its kind that mixes skating and surfing into one contest. The skate event was held on Friday, April 11th at the Atlantic Beach Skate Park and drew more than 30 registered skaters and over 200 spectators. With a great community atmosphere, skaters from all over the beach ranging from 6 years old to 40 competed in front of a huge crowd that cheered them on all night. The surf contest was held at 19th Street in Atlantic Beach on Saturday, April 12th. The entire event brought in close to $4,000 which was raised through the events entry fee and money raised through the raffle. All proceeds go towards a scholarship in Matt Gray’s honor to a Senior at Fletcher High School. Last year, Marshall LaFrance and Jake McGuire each won $1,500 scholarships for their future college endeavors. ALL PHOTOS: JIM WALKER

Skate Contest Results:

Minni Groms (10 and under):
1. Mason Avens
2. Gunner Snead
3. Connor McGarity
4. JD Woods
5. David Taylor

Likkle Youth (13 and under):
1. Tristan Harrison
2. Connor Lerian
3. Noah Dovin
4. Trevor Thomas
5. Tucker Lindsay
6. Nikoli Klomppy

Queens (girls division):
1. Anna Bolena
2. Grace Knoechel
3. Molly Kirk
4. Ireland Jarvis

Rude Boys (18 and under):
1. Trevor Brice
2. Tristan Harrison
3. Luke Hoey
4. Mikey Barbarito
5. Quentin Clark
6. Miles Roderick

Kings (19 and up):
1. Pat Brown
2. Dane Quintal
3. Cason Kirk
4. Marshall LaFrance
5. Damon Francisco
6. Cameron Glover

Results of Surf Contest:

Likkle Youth:
1. Kelton Beardall
2. Blake Kentack
3. Ian Devin
4. Cory Gann
5. Andrew Witt
6. Noah Stauch

Rude Boys:
1. Jake McGuire
2. Nick Groshell
3. Frank O’Rourke
4. Charlie Current
5. Hobie Sears
6. James LeCler

1. Sophie Falzone
2. Piper Austin
3. Braidyn Cunningham
4. Molly Kirk
5. Shealynn Cunningham
6. India Pimental

1. Brent Lamprecht
2. Wayne Satterwhite
3. Dane Jefferys
4. Shane Antalick
5. Sefton Trainer
6. Karina Petroni-Mitchell

December 11, 2013

Team rider Pat Schaeffer kills Tampa Am 2013/ finishes 3rd

Jacksonville local, extremely humble dude, and sunrise team rider Pat Schaeffer placed 3rd in this past weekends Tampa Am skate event. For those of you who don’t know about SPOT and its skate events let me tell you that this is definitely the premiere amateur event in the entire world. Yes the world, not the country, not the lower hemisphere, not just this half of the globe. In fact I am willing to go out on a limb and say the biggest amateur skate event in the universe, not just the milky way, earth and Uranus, the whole universe- black holes, other galaxy’s and all. Ok, I took that one a little to far, beat the proverbial horse so to speak, but i’m serious and one look at the roster is basically a who’s who in the future of professional skateboarding. Pat finished well last year (basically if you finish in the top 10 you are a hero) but upped his steez this year to make it to the podium which is 3rd and better. Its safe to say that Sunrise and the whole collective of Jacksonville skaters is super proud of Pat and his accomplishments and I can honestly say this is one of the most grateful, nice dudes that is out their playing with a wooden plank on wheels.I’m sure all of Pats other sponsors, DC shoes, DGK, Venture trucks, Gold wheels, and Diamond supply are just as proud as we are! Keep it up Pat, I think its safe to say you keep doing what your doing and your future will be bright. Congrats from your Sunrise fam’ watch the video below to see the highlights from the final day. Pat is the one with the black and white DC shirt on the podium at the end.

April 23, 2013

Jorge Evans


April 22, 2013

Paul Harts new line on Thrasher Magazine Website

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April 16, 2013

Get in The Van

Full length video.

Get in the Van- the Full Movie from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

April 10, 2013

Paul Hart kills it in Phoenix!

Stumbled on this video while I was on the Thrasher site earlier. It highlights the Phoenix Am which is one of the biggest amateur skate events there is. Jacksonville native and Sunrise team rider Paul Hart finished 8th in the event which is an insanely good result considering how many of the worlds best young skaters are entered in the event. Paul has been living in CA lately and clearly spending a lot of time outside enjoying the weather and riding his board. He has two tricks right at the start of the movie and check the park they held this event at? It looks insane, why can’t Jacksonville get a park like that? The edit has a good song too, not sure who it is but between the skating and the song this 3-4 minutes of your life will be well spent.

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April 3, 2013

Concrete Disciples

check out the link below to see Sunrise Team riders in action at the Florida Bowl Riders 2013.



April 2, 2013

“Get In The Van” Movie Premier

Come see the premier of “Get in the Van” produced by Sunrise Surf Shop
and Autoline at the Atlantic Beach Skate Park on April 5th at 8pm. The
movie which features the areas best skaters will be projected inside
the park on the deep end wall.  This is an event you don’t want to

Check out the link to the blog from the trip below:


March 26, 2013

Element “No Board Left Behind” coming to Sunrise

On Sunday, April 21st,  professional skaters Donny Barley and Levi Brown will be stopping by the shop to introduce Element’s new “No Board Left Behind.”  This program Element has implemented is definitely one of a kind!  If you buy a new Element board at Sunrise between 1-4pm on Sunday, April 21st,  Element will turn your old dilapidated deck into a new cruiser – complete with trucks, wheels, bearings, and bolts. (a $90 dollar value)

Make sure you mark your calendars for April 21st and come take advantage of this awesome deal!


March 19, 2013

Bowl Riders 2013!!!!!

Pat Brown frontside lien air!!

If you have never been to a Florida Bowl Riders, you need to. Since 2007, Kona has been hosting the Bowl Riders in Florida. This grass roots event brings the top 100 best amateurs and professional skaters in the nation together to skate in a multi-event weekend. Last Friday afternoon was the secret backyard bowl. Located in the middle of urban Jacksonville, this backyard bowl is one of the best bowls I have ever seen. There is an upper pocket with a brick coping which flows and spits out into a huge deep end which wraps in a perfect oval shape. The event started at noon and ended at 5pm and the parking lot was filled with fans and competitors all tailgating and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. The Sunrise Skate Team ripped their way through the event and all finished in the top 5. Dane Quintal and Cason Kirk finished 3rd and 4th in the pro division. Matthew Despres got 2nd in the boys. Buck Smith won the Masters division and Todd Johnson finished 5th.

Matthew Despres shredding

Saturday and Sunday’s event moved over to Kona skatepark and spread across the whole park with events taking place on the vert ramp, in the pool, and on the tomb stone. Once again, the Sunrise Skate Team came out and ripped. Cason Kirk topped Dane Quintal in the pro division flip-flopping their placing with Cason in 3rd and Dane in 4th. Pat Brown also skated the pro division and finished in a solid 6th place out of 15 other pro’s. Todd Johnson edged out Buck smith with a 2nd place finish while Buck ended up in 3rd. Matthew Despres kept up his solid streak and won the boy’s division. Marshall LaFrance finished 5th out of 25 people in the amateur division. Overall it was another solid weekend for the Sunrise Skate Team. Thanks to everyone who came out and hope to see you next year !!

Marshal LaFrance Mellon grab!!

Cason boosti

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