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June 1, 2014

Summertime SUP’

Right now is the perfect time of the year to get out on the water and try out stand up paddleboarding. Most people are familiar with it these days or have at least seen somebody out in the ocean or creek, gliding across the water on a small miniature boat like craft. Its actually something I have done for the last few years on flat days when there is no surf and I want to be out on the water getting some exercise for my aging old man frame. Lately I have also been surfing on one a bit, an 8’10 Naish Mana to be exact, and its actually been kind of fun. Its sparked my interest in getting AJ from Cannibal Core-Vac (who has been building some of the best shortboards and hybrids for over 20 years) to build me one of his ultra light shred SUP’s that we also carry at the shop but that’s a whole nother story.
Come by Sunrise and demo/rent one of our paddleboards and see if its something your interested in. Currently we have SUP’s available from 8’0 to 11’6 from both of those companies mentioned above and even a couple others. We also have different shapes so that anybody at any level can give it a shot. If you are serious about buying a board through us we will charge you $25 a day and once you have worked with one of the knowledgeable staff members to decide which board to purchase we will subtract $50 off the cost of that board. If your not sure and not quite ready to commit you can still rent a stand up board for $50 a day and if you hold onto that receipt we will honor the $50 off when you decide to buy.
Below are some links to the websites of the SUP brands that we support! Come by the shop and learn more as well!




March 3, 2014

R.I.P. Paul Figura

The community in Jacksonville suffered a huge loss this past week. Award winning photographer, surfer, father and friend to many, Paul Figura passed away. Paul suffered a stroke on Tuesday February 18th and was taken to Baptist hospital in downtown Jacksonville where he remained until his passing on February 28th. According to updates on a website built for Paul and his recovery getwellPaul.com he passed peacefully in his sleep surrounded by his closest family members. Another thing that might help make the pain sting a little less is also knowing that on Paul’s last day he was able to get off his sedation somewhat and enjoy the company of his great family and friends. The site says that Paul was alert and paying attention the whole time that his family was there sharing all the messages people had sent supporting Paul, and the get well cards and it even said the doctors let them play some of his favorite “chill” music. To me it basically sounds like some of his last moments were surrounded with warmth, happiness, family and love. Hopefully we are all lucky enough to experience a little bit of that when it is our time to go.
I can’t say I was personally a close friend to Paul but between working at the shop, surfing and just being around the beaches I saw him quite often and I will say that he was always a very humble, very nice person who had zero ego. A good example of that being the fact that it was awhile before I even realized how respected,and good, of a photographer he really was. I mean honestly there are a lot of photographers in Jacksonville, its a big city, but Paul was in the elite and he never bragged about his accomplishments, he never acted above anybody else who enjoyed holding a camera. In fact he was always willing to offer advice and help out other up and coming photographers. In that type of profession that’s not always the case, it can be competitive. That also goes to show how much he loved what he did and to be honest I think that is more important then almost anything in this life, getting to do what you love. Paul did just that and spent his days on this earth smiling, having fun and most importantly living his life. If you can do anything to honor Paul its just that, find something you love, do it and spend the rest of your days living…
we will post any information on Paul’s funeral services and the paddle out that I’m sure will be organized by his surfing family sometime soon. Send your love and prayers out to Paul’s surviving family his son Nick, daughter Taylor and partner Nia. You should also go to his website, PaulFigura.com and admire some of his amazing work. Rest in peace Paul, you will be greatly missed down here. We were all lucky to have known you. –Garrett C.

January 12, 2014

Xcel wetsuits exclusive at the Rise

So if anybody out there has surfed the last couple days you know the cold water is here. We had mild winters the last 2 years, water temp wise, and it was looking to be the same this year as well until that ever so popular “arctic blast” rolled as far south as North FL “aka- south Georgia” The waters cold people, its just cold. Luckily for everyone in Jacksonville Sunrise has you covered on the legitimate high end, warm, quality fullsuits that nobody else in town has. That is correct, Sunrise is the only place in Jacksonville to find the latest and greatest wetsuits from Xcel and they are the leading wetsuit brand when it comes to insulation and functionality (that’s fancy lingo for saying they are really warm and stretchy) Need drylock booties and gloves as well as a polypro with hood attached? We got em’ and that combined with a new Revolt 3/2 or Infiniti 3/2 will have you warm and toasty throughout your whole session. Come by the shop and look at a new suit, if your size is out of stock we will custom order it for you and get it rush shipped. Watch this little Xcel clip below, it might not be as cold as surfing in Canada here but it damn sure is cold.







November 27, 2013

2 Shapers, some coldies and a bartender in a bathing suit

This is a cool little video from the interview between shapers Mayhem and Darren Handley (DHD). Both of these guys are legendary shapers who have built boards for the worlds best surfers at two of the worlds best waves- Lowers and Snapper. It has some good turns and a good explanation of why you can never replicate a magic board, its all about the wood people! Good on Zander and the Surfing magazine guys for their latest issue which features a solid look into what all the pros are riding. Come into Sunrise and check out our full line of ..Lost surfboards and the DHD’s we have in stock. I personally have a Mayhem Taj Burrow Beach Buggy and I must say it is probably one of the top 3 boards I have ridden in my 27 years of flailing in the ocean.



November 4, 2013

Triple Crown season has started!

The North Shore’s triple crown season has officially kicked off. They held the first few rounds of the event at Sunset beach HI a couple days ago. The event has been put on hold but should resume with a new swell today or tomorrow. I linked a little highlight clip of the first day below, its nice to see some solid waves being ridden in jerseys for a change. Ian Walsh has some inspiring rail work in this clip, i’m curious to know what kind of board he is on? Seeing some raw power and shifting lumpy masses of waves gets the blood pumping and warms us up for the super bowl pinnacle of the season; The Pipe Masters! (like how I capitalized that and threw down an exclamation) Anyways tune into the event at the official Vans HIC Pro website or come watch the event on the big screen at the shop if its running during regular hours.

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October 7, 2013

John John for President? “& Again” blows minds

Thank god for John Florence, I must say that I think his latest clip officially puts him at the top of the heap as king of all web clips. Until recently that title couldn’t have rested with any other then king Dane but lately the great venturan free surfer has completely dropped the ball. Its safe to say after seeing his 2 wildcard appearances in the last 2 events, that Dane probably isn’t spending enough time in the water these days. Well luckily for all of us JJF is, and let me tell you the cinematic proof from these such surfs is just mind boggling. We have seen “free to roam’, “begin again” and now “& again” all 3 released within a year (and lets not forget the signature film he made in between “Done”) Lets also not forget that this is a world tour surfer, somebody who makes his living competing not making movie clips, so technically this is a side gig for John. Scary. The turns around the 2 minute mark to about 2:20 are as good as any in the biz. In fact he looks so comfortable on rail, his boards so responsive, that I don’t think we can fully appreciate the face work he is doing without slow-mo. This guy is the future of surfing,hands down, and I hate to say it but I think the future is here and i’m just an old man watching. Sit back and enjoy what is easily the best web clip of the year.

August 14, 2013

I’m not going pro, just staying amateur

So i’m going to say that Go Pro officially makes the best commercials out right now (and I think I can do that as an official commercial rater) seriously though, if you have ever seen the dub step baby tossing commercial when the little bloke has a go pro strapped to his head, or the chicken the dog one with a go pro on the stick’ come on man- that’s creative! Here’s another great one to add, I’m not a fan of strapping these things to your board, or usually the footage that accompanies such events, but the editing, the song and the overall visual stimulation of this latest Kalani Chapman GP commercial is awesome. Doesn’t hurt that we get a picture perfect shot of  the inside of a 15 foot Chopes barrel! Don’t know about you guys but I am ready for the Tahiti event to start and the carnage to begin!! Get amped on this clip then come grab a camera from the shop and go pro bro yourself up!!




August 7, 2013

Don’t drink the Taurine!!! new 21 days

So I am not a huge fan of Red Bull as a product. I don’t drink it. In fact I don’t drink any energy drinks because I think they are disgusting and they tweak me out, and I don’t like tweaking out these days. Now Red Bull as a company, as a brand, you gotta kind of give it to them. They toss out more free product than any other company on earth times ten. They support and promote key athletes in almost every sport that exists and some that probably shouldn’t. They promote, support and create a bunch of really cool and unique events all over the globe and they sent me to Tortola once on a boat so maybe i’m biased. Anyways their new video series 21 days is legit and this is the second one they have done (if you haven’t seen the first with Adriano and Nat Young I highly recommend watching that) Its like a cool NFL highlight video with good insight into the athletes, not to mention CJ Hobgood is the man and Jordy Smith is on a tear lately. A lot of footage from the Bali event in this video, takes me back to Keramas in my head and being at Keramas in any form is a good thing. Enjoy and root for CJ this year on tour everybody!! Don’t know if the video showed up below but if not you should be able to click on the link below.


July 2, 2013

This video speaks for itself; Dusty Payne

This guy definitely waxes his board all the way to the nose. Volcom, doing it right- good edit, good song, good surfing. Watch. Enjoy. Buy Volcom clothes.





July 1, 2013

BaliPro recap; “how bout that judging mate”

So I think most can agree that the Oakley Pro in Bali was an amazing event to watch. It was almost like the wave offered a proper mix between lower trestles and a Mexican point with sand churning funnels, although they were churning off reef, and pinching like a clam? so not really like that I guess? Actually Keramas is a star of its own, not really comparable to much else and I highly recommend anybody who is a regular foot and likes waves like Soup Bowls, or other punchy right point style waves to make the trek there. If you can afford the ridiculously expensive ticket and don’t mind the crowd, then go, the wave is worth it. But lets move on to the other scene of the show which is what I consider some spotty judging to say the least. Freddy P got robbed by Mick Fanning, plain robbed. Watch the video of the heat on demand and tell me Mick deserved a 7? I would have been splashing twice as much water as the goofy footed Hawaiian did and I think if anyone deserved a Bobby Martinez style meltdown it was him, right then, in that moment, on that scorching black sand beach. He worked his ass off through this event and between himself and CJ Hobgood they elevated the level of backside surfing going down on tour period. Both were impressive to say the least. We all know how contests are though and sometimes it goes your way, sometimes not so much, but my true bewilderment stems from Joel Parkinson’s so called “perfect 10′s”. In any other sports, in fact in all that I can think of, attaining a perfect score is next to impossible? How has it become so commonplace in pro surfing? Look at the video below and tell me that his first wave was surfed perfectly. After coming out of a freight train barrel Parko cuts back into the foam and does a belly flop? That’s not a complete wave in my eyes, how is it a 10 if he commits to a cutback, is offered the section to land said cutback, then falls? His next 10 is somewhat surfed brilliantly as well and I must say, the drop in/fade, but not a fade, slow down/ stall thingy/ into the barrel is executed perfect. The pumps through the draining section are exhilarating, but his exit, his escape out of the barrel is pretty damn lackluster to put it nicely. Almost falling back into the lazy boy position as the lip of the wave tries to guillotine your head, does not in anyway warrant a perfect 10? Am I crazy? Watch the video below and tell me I am wrong. And for the record, being there and seeing the early round or two live, and many free surfs, Parko was ripping and no doubt deserved to win, but I still stand by the fact that I don’t believe he deserved that perfect 20. And for the records record I’m not convinced Kelly Slater deserved a perfect 10 on the second ride of his perfect 20 heat the last event either- but that’s a whole nother’ story we won’t get into. ASP judges, tighten up, tens should not be handed out so lightly.






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