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April 18, 2014

7th Annual Matt Rasta Gray Memorial

Queens winnersNoah DovinNick GroshellQueens surf winners Trevor Brice Frontside Air


The Matt Gray Memorial is a celebration of life and community love. The event is the only one of its kind that mixes skating and surfing into one contest. The skate event was held on Friday, April 11th at the Atlantic Beach Skate Park and drew more than 30 registered skaters and over 200 spectators. With a great community atmosphere, skaters from all over the beach ranging from 6 years old to 40 competed in front of a huge crowd that cheered them on all night. The surf contest was held at 19th Street in Atlantic Beach on Saturday, April 12th. The entire event brought in close to $4,000 which was raised through the events entry fee and money raised through the raffle. All proceeds go towards a scholarship in Matt Gray’s honor to a Senior at Fletcher High School. Last year, Marshall LaFrance and Jake McGuire each won $1,500 scholarships for their future college endeavors. ALL PHOTOS: JIM WALKER

Skate Contest Results:

Minni Groms (10 and under):
1. Mason Avens
2. Gunner Snead
3. Connor McGarity
4. JD Woods
5. David Taylor

Likkle Youth (13 and under):
1. Tristan Harrison
2. Connor Lerian
3. Noah Dovin
4. Trevor Thomas
5. Tucker Lindsay
6. Nikoli Klomppy

Queens (girls division):
1. Anna Bolena
2. Grace Knoechel
3. Molly Kirk
4. Ireland Jarvis

Rude Boys (18 and under):
1. Trevor Brice
2. Tristan Harrison
3. Luke Hoey
4. Mikey Barbarito
5. Quentin Clark
6. Miles Roderick

Kings (19 and up):
1. Pat Brown
2. Dane Quintal
3. Cason Kirk
4. Marshall LaFrance
5. Damon Francisco
6. Cameron Glover

Results of Surf Contest:

Likkle Youth:
1. Kelton Beardall
2. Blake Kentack
3. Ian Devin
4. Cory Gann
5. Andrew Witt
6. Noah Stauch

Rude Boys:
1. Jake McGuire
2. Nick Groshell
3. Frank O’Rourke
4. Charlie Current
5. Hobie Sears
6. James LeCler

1. Sophie Falzone
2. Piper Austin
3. Braidyn Cunningham
4. Molly Kirk
5. Shealynn Cunningham
6. India Pimental

1. Brent Lamprecht
2. Wayne Satterwhite
3. Dane Jefferys
4. Shane Antalick
5. Sefton Trainer
6. Karina Petroni-Mitchell

March 6, 2014


The City of Jacksonville Beach
“The 15th Annual Super Surf Camp 2014”

Applications are available at the City of Jacksonville Beach Parks & Recreation Department, or at our official sponsor, Sunrise Surf Shop, 834 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, FL.


Registration opens March 10,2014at Sunrise Surf Shop 9am-5pm.

All applications must be returned to the City of Jacksonville Beach Parks & Recreation Department, or to Sunrise Surf Shop.
*Note: you may only register for ONE week
(You may only sign up your child plus one)
***All beginners ages 8 (as of June 1st) & up are welcome.
First come, first serve
Only 50 spots per camp available—so sign up soon!***
Camps run from 8:30-11:30 a.m. at 8th Ave. N. oceanfront. The dates for each session of this summer’s Surf Camps are as follows
Camp #1: June 9 -June 13
Camp #2: June16 -June 20
COST: $180 per session
CANCELLATION POLICY: A two-week notice must be given to receive a full refund. Anything less
will constitute a deduction of $75.00 from the refund. No exceptions.
INCLUDES: One (1) cool t-shirt, bag of surf goodies, and use of beginner’s board
and kayaks.
PAYMENT: CASH OR CHECK ONLY. No credit cards accepted.
Please make checks payable to: City of Jacksonville Beach.
Fees must be PAID IN FULL at the time of registration and enclosed along with your completed application.

For more information contact the
City of Jacksonville Beach Park Recreation Department 247-6236
or Sunrise Surf Shop, 241-0822.

The “Super Surf Camp 2013” is presented solely by the City of Jacksonville Beach; Sunrise Surf Shop is merely the official sponsor. Sunrise Surf Shop may provide staff and/or equipment to be used at the “Super Surf Camp 2013,” but all such staff and/or equipment are under the exclusive direction and control of the City of Jacksonville Beach.
Sunrise Surf Shop makes no representations, guarantees, warranties, or affirmations about the quality, safety, or appropriateness of the instructors, equipment, or educational content of the “Super Surf Camp 2013.”
All participants must be competent ocean swimmers.
Due to safety requirements, if a hard board is brought to camp, our instructors will have the final say if it can be used during camp.
Soft boards will be provided to you for the camp at no charge.
Any 4 out of 5 days will constitute a full camp.
Please have your child at camp on time.
*DOGS are prohibited on the beach between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., so please—do not bring your dogs with you.

November 13, 2013

Battle of the Brands

Sunrise Surfshop Battle of the Brands from Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo.

August 20, 2013

Cody Thompson

IT’S TROPICAL from Thomas Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

Tropical waves but no babes?

July 21, 2013

Fight Club

Check out Eastern Surf’s coverage of the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge!!!

April 30, 2013

Cool write up on “The Surf Chanel” website.


April 14, 2013

Surf Shop Challenge Video

April 8, 2013

Red Bull Call em Out

This past weekend Red Bull came to town and ran a unique formatted surf contest dubbed, “Call em out.” 16 Surfers battled head to head in a double elimination surf contest. The event allows surfers to call each other out and pick who they wanted to surf against.

Sunrise had a great showing with all of our team riders finishing in the top 10. Some highlights from the day were Tristan Thompson and Ryan Briggs throwing out some insane upside down air reverses which scored above the 9-point range. White sunglasses aka Cody Thompson snagged the highest score of the day a 9.8 with an assortment of moves that left his opponent in “combo land.” The double elimination format aloud everyone to get a fair chance at brining home the $1,200 first place prize. In the quarterfinals Evan Thompson had a choice to choose between younger brother Tristan and older brother Cody. Without hesitation Evan chose Tristan and handed little brother his second loss of the day putting him out of the contest. After that heat you could really tell that Evan was starting to get into a rhythm. He plowed through another heat and placed himself in a heat with Gabe Kling who also had zero loses. Evan was narrowly beaten by Gabe and ended up in a drama filled heat versus older brother Cody. The heat started out very slow with both competitors struggling to pull in a score over a 4. It started to heat up when Cody ripped the bag out of a chest high right runner. When Cody got to the inside something was wrong. He took his leash off and grabbed his right leg in pain. It turns out Cody had a cramp in the top of his quad and couldn’t get rid of it. This left the whole line up to kid brother Evan who executed two scoring waves and put older brother out. After this heat Evan put himself in the final with Gabe Kling. Both surfers battled back and forth over the 20 minute final and gave the crowd something to watch and cheer for. In the end Gabe edged out Evan and won this years Red Bull “Call em out”. Good job and congratulations to our whole team who represented all day. Results are below. Till next year, we outch here. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS

1st Gabe Kling – $1,200

2nd Evan Thompson- $700

3rd Cody Thompson- $300

=4th Asher Nolan

= 5th Wayne Satterwhite

= 5th Brady McKenzie

=7th Justin Quintal

=7th Chris Ropero

April 3, 2013

Concrete Disciples

check out the link below to see Sunrise Team riders in action at the Florida Bowl Riders 2013.



April 2, 2013

Sunrise Super Surf Camp

Sunrise Surf Shop has teamed up with Volcom and the City of Jacksonville Beach to bring the areas best and longest running surf camp to the local area. Registration for the camp is now open and can be turned in at our shop between the hours of 9am- 7pm. A link to the registration form is below. Simply click the “surfcamp2012″ icon below to download form.





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